Artist Profile

Catherine Doyle

Born: Gateshead England, 1972

I have always been drawn to the quieter inner states of feeling, and my work reflects this, with my portraits focussing in on the subject’s introspective inwards gaze. Strength, fragility, and imperfection are recurring themes throughout my work, as I seek to draw out the common threads of experience that bind us together.

I am still very early in my art journey and self-taught and as such I see a lot of experimentation ahead, as I explore more abstraction, more looseness, and less representational ways of portraying my subjects.

I work primarily in oils and inks; and I currently work from my shared studio - Spud Lane Studios - at the Southern Highlands Artisans Collective in Robertson NSW.

Solo Exhibition

  • 2021: Ode to Poetry, SHAC Annex Gallery, Robertson

Group Exhibitions

  • 2020: Awaken, SHAC Gallery, Robertson
  • 2020: Collective Harvest, SHAC Gallery, Robertson
  • 2019: Blue Square Competition, ArtHead Gallery, Moss Vale