Gateshead England, 1972

Artist Profile

As a self-taught artist (with amazing mentors), I find that my path weaves and winds it way along; heading first one way (as I realise a gap in my understanding); and then another as I am inspired by something I've read or seen.

Experimentation and play form a huge part of my art practice — in concepts, techniques and materials.

But I also like to work in series. When a concept or idea takes hold of me then I will run with it and explore it more fully.

I currently work from the studio I share with my partner — Spud Lane Studios — in Robertson NSW.

Solo Exhibition
  • 2021    Ode to Poetry    SHAC Annex Gallery, Robertson
Group Exhibitions
  • 2020    Awaken    SHAC Gallery, Robertson
  • 2020    Collective Harvest    SHAC Gallery, Robertson
  • 2019    Blue Square Competition    ArtHead Gallery, Moss Vale